This is the radio telescope installed in Peralejos de las Truchas (40.59 N, 1.93 W), in the province of Guadalajara. Peralejos offers an environment free of electromagnetic pollution (it was chosen for being the best of around 200 location tests carried out by ETH Zürich experts around the world) ideal for radio-astronomical observations of the Sun with broadband spectroscopy and even for highly sensitive non-solar observations.

Antennas in MELIBEA node

Melibea is installed in the building of an old hostel, next to the banks of the Tagus river. It has two operational antennas. The CLP-5130 antenna is a wideband logarithmic periodic antenna, covering from 50 MHz to 1300 MHz. It is installed on the roof of the building and has a YAESU G-5500 rotor for solar tracking. On the other hand, the LWA antenna (Long Wavelength Antenna) is a circular polarization antenna that covers from 10 MHz to 80 MHz and is dmounted on the ground. With both antennas, most of the radioelectric spectrum is covered in which solar radio emissions (radio bursts) are usually recorded. We also have a webcam in Melibea that allows us to know the status of the CLP-5130 antenna. The image below shows the most recent capture in MELIBEA.