The medieval city of Sigüenza, is the second largest tourist destination in Castilla – La Mancha, with convenient access from Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona. The radio telescope (41.07 N, 2.64 O) is located in La Casa del Doncel (Doncel’s House), owned by the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH). It is emblematic heritage of the city, restored and inaugurated in 2002 as “Center for University Teaching Practices”.

View from the roof of La Casa del Doncel

Sigüenza has an impressive cultural, historical, artistic, ethnographic, university and natural heritage, facts that make it an ideal place to communicate science to society. The research and outreach activity resulting from the implementation of the new radio-spectrometer in Sigüenza. In addition to La Casa del Doncel, the project is supported by the Portacoeli Hospital for the celebration of congresses, meetings and other events. This will entail the revitalization of the UAH campus in Sigüenza and the centenary university and academic activity of this medieval city and the entire Sierra Norte, so longed for by its inhabitants and appreciated by its visitors. Nor should we forget the quality of the night skies in Sigüenza and surroundings, ideal locations for the dissemination of Astronomy.