Data from the e-Callisto network radio telescopes is available in The data provided by celestina nodes can be found by searching for SPAIN-ALCALA, SPAIN-PERALEJOS and SPAIN-SIGUENZA. Light curves can be found be found in Below are the most recent light curves of CELESTINA nodes. In general, solar radio bursts have a Y-factor of 3 dB, so the level of interference at the radio telescope location must be below 3 dB in order to detect them. The province of Guadalajara offers such unique places, not only for its heritage or natural beauty, but for its low level of electromagnetic pollution.


Automatic Solar Burst Detection using IA


Light Curve in Melibea-01 (Peralejos de las Truchas)


Light Curve in Melibea-03 (Peralejos de las Truchas)


Light Curve in Melibea-04 (Peralejos de las Truchas)


Light Curve in Doncel (Sigüenza)